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VEPO CrossConnex Launches Backflow Program Management Software

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

VEPO CrossConnex software helps Water Utilities manage their backflow management program to insure they are compliant.

Experts in the water industry agree that Utilities need to properly manage their Cross Connection programs if they are committed to maintaining clean water as a top priority for their customers. VEPO CrossConnex, a New York-based software and services company located in Elmsford, NY, recently announced the launch of their Backflow Program Management software and mobile app for water utilities. This powerful tool is easy to use for the both the water utilities and backflow testers to administer and provide the required reporting to be compliant.

“An easy to adopt and use software program, that eliminates all paperwork is long overdue to tackle the costly time intensive challenges that water utilities face across the country managing their backflow programs. The continuation of state and government pressure with regulations on water utilities to properly administer, manage, report and archive the data makes the timing of this rollout even more exciting,” stated Alan Seiler, Manager of VEPO CrossConnex

According to VEPO CrossConnex, some features include cloud-based software and mobile app, elimination of all paperwork, wireless data population of required test form, electronic reporting and archiving, custom notifications, dashboards, and ability to track device repairs.

VEPO CrossConnex is an integral part of VEPO Solutions, which is comprised of two other business units, VEPO Metering and VEPO Anaytix both helping water utilities install and monitor Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems.

Early feedback from the industry about VEPO CrossConnex software has been very positive. One water utility, in a five-star review, wrote “Backflow program management has become more and more time consuming and expensive to manage over the years. With a well-designed piece of software like VEPO CrossConnex, we can work towards compliance and eliminate all of these burdening costs too.” Contact VEPO CrossConnex to get a free demo of the software.

About Vepo CrossConnex

VEPO CrossConnex is a software and services company based in Elmsford, NY. The company is dedicated to managing software for water utilities to help create efficiencies managing their backflow management program while helping them save time and money. The company has created a reseller program to sell and distribute the software in every state across the country. For more information, be sure to visit


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