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Work Order Management Software

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Work Order Management Software
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Field Data Collection Applications



Use your own labor force to do meter change outs. VPie Work Order Management Software will provide the means to collect all required field data like pictures, ID numbers, GPS coordinates, and more. Also use VPie to communicate with your customers via email, text, and voice blast. Track all of those communications. Implement simple online scheduling for appointments. Even manage your AMI/AMR metering inventory in real-time. Customized digital work orders are available for each installation location.

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lead and copper service line surveys

All water utilities must create a inventory of service lines to document service line material by October 2024. VPie Work Order Management Software can combine utility's existing database information on service lines with information collected using the VPie Software during field surveys of service lines. Surveys are customized per individual state requirements. The VPie database can also be accessible to the public as required via a secure customer portal. Customer education materials can be sent and documented through the VPie Software.

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asset management customize field data collection

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