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VEPO Metering’s mission is to develop and employ technology to be the leading AMI and Metering Systems installation company in the industry. Vepo Metering's objective for each installation project includes helping each Water Utility seamlessly transition to cutting edge technology, achieve the maximum return on investment, provide superior customer service, and fosters  close working relationships with our manufacturing partners/distributors.

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AMI and Metering Installation



Not all installation companies are created equal. VEPO Metering separates itself from the competition by adapting technology at every point in the AMI and Metering System implementation process.
Each installation project involves VEPO Metering utilizing various types of technology including tablets, bar code scanning, field service and inventory management software, and video conferencing.
VEPO Metering is responsible for every step in the installation process including setting appointments, data validation, integrating meter and AMI data to billing software, and project management. 
VEPO Metering's team has a deep understanding of Water Utility business needs, and always invests the necessary time before any project begins to help assure the desired results from start to finish.


VEPO Metering’s Call Center is responsible for all installation appointments via phone calls, online scheduling, or requests made through email. Convenient time frames are made available for all residential and commercial customers.
All customer data provided by the Water Utility is verified during the appointment scheduling process. Call Center team members are required to be professional, courteous, and accommodating.
Prior to appointment, an email or text will be sent as a reminder. It is our mission to make your customers experience easy, simple, and a great one!


The VEPO Metering’s Utility Portal is a real-time, unique, and powerful tool made available to our Water Utility partners. Access is provided through secure login before a project begins.
The Utility Portal is available from anywhere, on any device, during and after the installation project. VEPO Metering’s Technicians will be using wireless tablets to instantaneously capture and upload data from each installation into the Utility Portal.  
Water Utility personnel are immediately able to view all installation data, work orders, and attached before/after pictures. Additionally, the Water Utility can monitor the progress including completed installations, jobs awaiting data validation, scheduled jobs for the current day, and scheduled installations in the future.
Training and technical support is always available to the Water Utility as needed.  


The data captured by the field technician during an installation project must be validated. 
Even though VEPO Metering uses cutting edge technology, human errors can still occur. Therefore, VEPO Metering utilizes a separate team to scrub all data captured by field technicians.
All meter data provided by the Utility is confirmed by comparing it to data captured and uploaded by the field technician, before the installation is complete. Pictures of existing meter IDs and readings are also referenced during this process. These steps eliminate any potential mistakes made by our field technicians and ensures the data being uploaded to the billing software is accurate.


VEPO Metering employs an expert group of IT professionals that provide our Water Utility Partners with all of their data integration requirements.
VEPO Metering believes it is essential to electronically capture all data from the field during the installation process and then seamlessly upload that information into the Water Utility’s billing software. Traditionally this data was entered manually, and was a massive labor and time-consuming process filled with errors.
Today, VEPO Metering has created a method to integrate this process with billing software vendors eliminating many of the headaches of the past. We also have experience building and incorporating API’s to interface with other 3rd party software packages depending on the customer needs.
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