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VEPO CrossConnex Software FAQ

What is the cost of the backflow software for the Water Utility?
There is NO COST to the Water Utility for the VEPO CrossConnex software. 
What does a Water Utility need to get started with the software?
The Water Utility simply needs to provide VEPO CrossConnex with a excel or .csv file of all backflow device information. VEPO CrossConnex will work with the Water Utility to draft a notification letter to all device owners to be sent when all backflow data is onboarded by VEPO CrossConnex.


How are device owners and backflow testers notified that the Water Utility has chosen VEPO CrossConnex software to help manage their backflow program?

  1. The device owners will receive a letter from the Water Utility explaining the adoption of the software to digitally manage their backflow program.  That letter will contain a unique identification number that the customer will need to provide the tester for them to conduct and submit the tests data and results.

  2. The Water Utility typically has a list of backflow testers that conduct tests. The Water Utility will notify those testers, through a letter, they have adopted the software and instructions how they can download the mobile app.

Is there any cost to the backflow tester to download the mobile app?
It is free for the backflow tester to download the mobile app which is available on the App Store or Google Play.

What is the fee to submit a backflow test through the VEPO CrossConnex Software?
There is a $15 submission fee paid by the device owner to the backflow tester. When the backflow tester downloads the mobile app and sets up a profile, they are required to provide a credit card.  After they conduct and submit test results using the mobile app, their credit card is charged, by VEPO CrossConnex, the $15 submission fee.
How is each backflow device managed by the cloud-based software?
When the backflow device data base is uploaded to the VEPO CrossConnex software a VEPO CrossConnex (VCC) number is generated for each individual device.  All test data is accessible and tracked using that number. 

How does the email notification work?
When a backflow tester uses the mobile app, they are prompted to capture the customer's email and cell number.  The following year, VEPO CrossConnex Software automatically generates email notifications 30 days, 15 days, and the day of test expiration to the customer. Additionally, a notification of the new test due date, is sent to the backflow tester of the previous year.
How does the Water Utility view the test data?
The Water Utility has secure access to the cloud-based software that collects the test result data.  The software displays dashboards, customized reports and and provides data for each specific device.  Data for each device is also populated and stored digitally on the required state/county/regional form in PDF format.

Who owns the data stored in the VEPO CrossConnex Software?
The Water Utility owns the data being managed in the cloud-based software.
How does the Water Utility export data from the cloud-based software?
All the data can be viewed by the Water Utility, as well as be exported to an excel spreadsheet. Also, the data can be stored on local servers or uploaded to any other software being used by the Water Utility.

Does a test have to be submitted if the device fails the test?
If a device fails the first test and the repairs are not made immediately, YES the test should be submitted as a failed test and the submission fee will still apply.

After the repairs are made and a second test is completed, there is a second submission fee. 

However, If the device fails and repairs are made immediately on-site, the data for the second test should be added in the mobile app and only one submission fee applies. 
Is there a way for the backflow tester to enter the test data on a computer?
Yes, they can use their secure login information at to enter test data.

How many years of historical test data are stored in the cloud-based software?
Tests are stored for 10 years 
What if the Water Utility currently has no backflow program?
VEPO CrossConnex will work with Water Utilities to provide the beginning steps to implementing a proper backflow program.

How does the backflow tester contact VEPO CrossConnex if they have any technical question about the software?
VEPO CrossConnex at 877-860-8376

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